The Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:

To ensure that RAKCODS offers academic programs in dental sciences which are recognized locally, regionally and internationally.


  • To develop clinical skills and training in cutting edge technologies by competent healthcare professionals;
  • To monitor the outcome of all courses, infrastructure facilities and actions taken for improvement and to ensure that key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.
  • To recruit students committed to acquiring knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes towards patient care.
  • To develop post graduate diploma/ degree courses to meet local and international standards;


Goal 2:

To ensure that its graduates are equipped with knowledge and skills which make them self learners and critical thinkers with ethical orientation.


  • To equips its student with comprehensive theoretical knowledge and sound clinical skills to enable them to make a valuable contribution to patients and the community.
  • To develop strategies to support lifelong learning and acquire new information and to critically appraise its validity and applicability to one’s professional decision.
  • To display the personal attributes of compassion, honesty and integrity in relationships with staff, patients and colleagues.
  • d) To exhibit capacity for self evaluation, moral reflection and ethical reasoning.


Goal 3:

To contribute to the advancement of dental sciences knowledge and practice through its support of research activities conducted by its faculty and students.


  • To encourage faculty to participate in scholarly activities by attending conferences, seminars and enabling them to conduct and publish research.
  • To facilitate the faculty to write for research projects and receive research grants.
  • To monitor budgetary support of and access to conferences and seminars.


Goal 4:

To render ethical healthcare service with highest degree of accountability to self and community.


  • To implement the basic ethical principles including confidentiality, informed consent, truth telling and justice for the care of the patient.
  • To educate the patients and community about various health problems and to motivate them to adopt health promoting behaviours.
  • To facilitate student and faculty access to continuing education programs.


Goal 5:

To accentuate the growth of the University by promoting academic activities with premier health universities and organizations.


  • To establish agreements with premier health institutions and Universities to foster academic research collaboration including faculty and student exchange.
  • To develop and monitor the feedback from employer and graduates and to ensure the key results are entered into the annual strategic plan for action and review.