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Changes in Curriculum and Study Plan

The courses in original study plan (2007) were updated as per the recomendations of course instructors, student feed backs and curriculum development committee. The course contents and learning outcomes for all courses were revised and modified to improve the quality of education. The curriculum was revised in 2011 to change knowledge, skill and attitude with general and specific learning outcomes and the same was submitted to the Commission of Academic Accreditation, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, UAE. The courses were modified as per guidelines of National Qualifications Framework United Arab Emirates (QFE) and the Commission of Academic Accreditation report in 2014. The curriculum is a dynamic process and shall continue to evolve as per the requirements of the community and profession.

A summary of “Modified Study Plan 2014” with changes in“Revised Study Plan 2011” are presented herewith;

Modified Study Plan 2014 Revised Study Plan 2011 Changes in Modified Study Plan
Clinical orientation I (DCO 111)
Fall & Spring semester of year 1
New course added with 1 credit hour during the Fall & Spring semester of year 1
Clinical orientation II (DCO211).
Fall & Spring semester of year 2
New course added with 1 credit hour during the Fall & Spring semester of year 2
Infection Control
(DIC 212)
Semester III
Infection Control & Four Handed Dentistry & Dental Ethics (DID 213) Semester III All contents of infection control as merged in Infection Control
( DIC212) two credit hours theory course. Contents of Four Handed Dentistry are included with Pre- clincal Operative Dentistry –I. Denta Ethics is separated as a new course.
Ethics in Dental Practice (DED211)
Semester III
The contents of Dental Ethics are removed from the course “Infection Control & Four Handed Dentistry & Dental Ethics (DID 213).
A new course ‘Ethics in Dental Practice (DED211) added in fall semsester of year 2.
Comprehensive Comprehensive The credit hour of this courses increased
Clinical Dentistry- I & II (DCC 518 & DCC 528) Semester IX & X Clinical Dentistry- I & II (DCC 517 & DCC 527) Semester IX & X from 7 to 8 credit hours in both the semesters (fall & spring semester) of year 5. Clinical requirements are also modified.
Practice Management (DPM 521) Semester X Practice Management (DPM 522) Semester X One clinical credit hour is omitted and added with Comprehensive Dentistry.
Treatment Planning & POL (DTP 523) Treatment Planning & PBL ( DTP 521) Changed from Problem Based Learning (PBL) to Problem Oriented Learning (POL)