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Dental Course

Wednesday 9th Feb, 2022
Smile Design & Aesthetics: Direct and Indirect solutions 
  This predominantly hands-on program is for General Dental Practitioners and covers: Aesthetic assessment and design of the smile zone, mock-up and trial restorations, clinically relevant theory and practical aspects of adhesives and composites, selection of composite materials, restoration design, production of aesthetic provisional restorations, placement techniques, the use of light-cure and self-cure materials, matrices, finishing and polishing.  This course will be run by two experienced and Senior KCL staff with proven international status.
Thursday 10th Feb, 2022
Essential Hands-on Skills for Minor Oral Surgery in General Dental Practice
  This one-day course will provide the opportunity to the general dental practitioners of further knowledge and hands on experience in minor oral surgical procedures. The course will comprise of interactive session and hands on training on sheep heads and will help in building the confidence of the delegates.
Thursday 10th Feb, 2022
  The Management of Tooth Wear in General Dental Practice  
  This course aims to impart delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to diagnose and treat a range of cases of Tooth Wear in General Dental Practice. An array of practical techniques will be taught covering early and late management including the use of splints