Admission Criteria

Admission to all programs is based entirely on merit. Admissions are open to students of all nationalities.

Admission Criteria for BDS

BD Admissions Criteria – Aggregate of 80% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th standard marks / UAE NGSSE/ Equivalent with minimum of 70% each in Physics, Chemistry and Biology individually.


Admission requirements/equivalencies for various 12th grade curriculum are described below under serial titled ‘Examples of Secondary School Certificates’.

Admission Criteria

Admission to all programs is based entirely on merit. Admissions are open to students of all nationalities.

English Language Requirements

Proficiency in English equivalent to a TOEFL score of 500 in paper based test, 173 in computer based, 61 in internet based or its equivalent such as IELTS score of 5 Or Cambridge English Advanced (CAE) score of 41 or Pearson Test of English Academic (PTEA) score range of 36 – 41 is mandatory for entry to undergraduate BDS program.

Please note

  • The University reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning any reason. The decision of the Admissions Committee in the matters of admission shall be final.
  • The jurisdiction in respect of all legal matters in this connection shall be at Ras Al Khaimah.

III. Students having qualifications equivalent to 12th Grade/NGSSE

The University welcomes students of all nationalities. As there is a vast difference in the grading system and curriculum of various international examinations, all such applications are examined on a case-by-case basis. In this connection, the College realizes that the grading system followed in the UAE cannot be automatically extended to examination systems outside the country. The candidates should enclose with their application, documents explaining grading/marking system and calculation of cumulative grade point average/aggregate percentage of marks along with their transcript/marks sheet. Further, the candidates must send a copy of curriculum and rules and regulations for the examinations they have passed well in advance to enable the University to determine their eligibility for admissions. Students having such qualifications should adopt the following method to compute the aggregate marks in 3 courses Physics, Chemistry and Biology:

  • If actual marks are given in the transcript, the marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology are to be totaled for computing aggregate.
  • If actual marks as well as the grades are given in the transcript, actual marks in these 3 subjects are to be taken for computing aggregate.
  • If grades and range of marks for each grade is given in the transcript, mean of the range of marks are to be taken for computing aggregate.
  • If grades are only given in the transcript, the student should obtain from appropriate authority equivalent marks/range of marks for the grades.
  • If the evaluation is done by any other method, the student should explain the evaluation system and should obtain from appropriate authority equivalent marks/range of marks for such evaluation.
  • Students should send the copies of transcript/marks sheet with relevant documents directly to the Admissions Department

Recognized Secondary School Certificates

The minimum admission requirements depend on the applicant’s type of secondary education program and certificate. RAKMHSU recognizes secondary school certificates awarded by Ministry of Education and by private secondary schools that are recognized by their host countries. The University also accepts certificates awarded by recognized authorities of national and international boards.

Some countries award two levels of secondary school certificates, in which case, RAKMHSU will recognize the higher level certificate.

In all cases, only courses classified as academic or a combination of Physics, Chemistry and Biology are accepted for admission consideration and the calculation of the aggregate.

Examples of Secondary School Certificates

The following is a list of certificates and the corresponding minimum levels of performance required for admission to RAKMHSU. These certificates and levels of achievement serve as guidelines for admission to RAKMHSU.

American High School Diploma

An aggregate score of 80% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is required. If Biology is not taken in 12th Grade, a SAT II score of 550 in Biology is mandatory.

bulletInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma

Must have completed any six courses including Biology and Physics or Biology and Chemistry at the higher level and three at standard level, with a score of at least 25.

Pakistani Board/s Certificates

Higher Secondary School Certificate with aggregate of 75% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology (Part 1 and Part 2 total) with min 60% in each of these courses.

Indian Board/s Certificates

All Indian senior school certificate/ CBSE XII Std with 75% aggregate in physics, chemistry & Biology with at least 60% in each of the three.

For Indian state board examination 80% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry & Biology with at least 70% in each of these three courses is required.


Please find below the admission requirements for the British Curriculum

IGCSE, GCSE, GCE / British Curriculum

a. Students applying for the MBBS/BDS programs must have completed at least four Advanced Supplementary or AS level OR two AS and one A level OR two A levels with at least ‘C’ grade after having completed 5 IGCSE/GCSE or O levels with minimum grade of ‘C’ in O level courses.

b. Only courses classified as academic will be considered for admission. Courses must include Physics, Chemistry and Biology with at least two of them including Biology at the AS level/A level.

NOTE: Attestations & Equivalency Certificate mandatory prior to admission:

a. Prior to admission, all students who studied foreign curriculum in UAE must produce the Equivalency Certificate from the Ministry of Education of the emirate in which studied. To obtain the same, students should visit the Ministry of Education and submit their Arabic and Islamic results for the grades 10, 11 and 12(For Muslims).

b. For students who studied foreign curriculum in UAE, attestation(official seal & stamp) of certificates grade 10 onwards until grade 12 by Ministry of Education is also mandatory.

c. Students who studied foreign curriculum outside UAE, must obtain attestation( official seal & stamp) of school grade sheets, 10th grade upwards until 12th by Ministry of Education in the country of study and UAE consulate in that country.

Admission Procedure

  • A merit list is prepared in the descending order of the merit of the candidates based on their aggregate percentage of marks in the Qualifying Examination / 12th standard, as mentioned in II above.
  • From this merit list, based on the annual intake, candidates will be admitted.
  • Candidates who are selected for admission will receive the Admission Offer Letter from the University. If the candidate is accepting the offer of admission, he/she must comply with all the requirements specified in the Admission Offer Letter including submission of required documents and payment of fee on or before the stipulated date mentioned in the Admission Offer Letter.
  • On compliance of the above, the candidate will receive intimation from the University regarding further course of action to be taken by him/her for joining the University.
  • The candidates should strictly adhere to the deadlines indicated for admission.
  • If for any reason, a candidate could not send his/her application so as to reach the University within the stipulated deadline and if he/she is still desirous of being considered for admission, he/she is required to send along with his/her application all the enclosures and requisite fee as mentioned under IX, Instructions to Applicants (page 7). Late applicants can be considered for admission, if seats are still available.
  • Admissions are offered to the candidates subject to the compliance of all requirements specified in the Admission Offer Letter.
  • All the documents submitted by the candidates will be verified with the originals submitted by the candidates on the date of Registration and Orientation. In case of non-compliance of any of the admission criteria, the admission of the candidate will automatically stand cancelled.

Instructions to the Applicants

Please read Admission Bulletin 2020-2021 carefully before filling in the Application Form.
1. Documents to be submitted by selected candidates along with application form. The following original documents are required to be brought at the time of admission along with two sets of photocopies:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marks card of NGSSE or 12th standard or equivalent
  • Conduct and character certificate to be obtained on the School/College letterhead. No other certificate in lieu of this will be accepted
  • Transcript or school/college leaving certificate issued by the School/College and authenticated by the relevant agency/board/Ministry.
  • 10 recent and identical passport size photographs. Additional 10 photographs to be submitted by those who require student visa.
  • Copy of the passport valid at least for one year
  • Copy of the current resident visa (for students who are already residing in UAE)

TOEFL score (not earlier than two years) of 500 in paper based test/ 173 in computer based test / 61 in internet based test or its equivalent standardized test such as Academic IELTS score of 5.0

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