Patient Rights

Patient Right

As a Patient You Have Rights at RAKCODS

  1. Be informed that you can have your Rights and Responsibilities from the reception, the reception will be happy to assist you before signing.
  2. There will be a General Consent form that you will be requested to sign at the reception, the copy of the same is also available in the waiting area for your reference.
  3. You are required to sign an Informed Consent before certain dental procedures, kindly read and understand the same before signing.
  4. We welcome your valuable Suggestions to improve our services. Please feel free to write and drop into the suggestion boxes available on each floor of the clinics. We will respond to you soon.
  5. If you have any Language issues please let the receptionist know, they will arrange for the needful.
  6. You can call from the reception Ms. Puja on 056-2083391 for any General Issues which you want to Complain about and 

Dr Aqsa for any Infection Control related concerns.

  1. Please contact Mr Zahid at 050-3593985 for any other issues.
  2. Emergency Evacuation Maps are available on each floor in front of the elevators, familiarize yourselves with the same. In case of emergency please follow the exit signs and admin team will also guide you.
  3. RAKCODS has a Prayer area and Cafeteria on the 7th Floor.
  4. Hand rub (alcohol) is available throughout the building please feel to use them.
  5. Coffee and snack vending machines available on the ground floor.

Hope you get your treatment to your choice and wish you a speedy recovery!


Quality and Patient Safety Committee, RAKCODS


Our referral Hospitals (for treatment their policies and regulations apply):

RAK Hospital – Al Juwais – Ras al Khaimah – 07 207 4444

RAKCODSMC – Al Qusaidat – Ras al Khaimah – 07 226 8067

SAQR Hospital – Al Juwais – Ras al Khaimah – 07 204 9999