Dental curriculum has been designed to provide an integrated, inquiry-based five year program incorporating problem-oriented learning (POL). A key feature of the program is the integration between theory and practice through clinical skills. The program falls in with current advances in dentistry and provides an up-to-date teaching structure. There is integration of basic science knowledge with the clinical knowledge. However each course proceeds from simple to more complex information.

The courses in original study plan (2007) were updated as per the recommendations of course instructors, student feed backs and curriculum development committee. The course contents and learning outcomes for all courses were revised and modified to improve the quality of education. The curriculum was revised in 2011 to change knowledge, skill and attitude with general and specific learning outcomes and the same was submitted to CAA during their visit for licensure of RAKMHSU. The changes were also included in RAKMHSU Annual Report 2011 and Interim Review 2012. The courses were further revised as per guidelines of National Qualifications Framework United Arab Emirates (QFE) and ERT Report.

A summary of “Revised Study Plan 2011” with changes in“Original Study Plan 2007” can be found here.

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